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12-year-old roseland boy is killed in an apparent accidental shooting. family members say they purchased a gun for protection. i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. wgn's judy wang is live in roseland with our top story. >> good afternoon. michael pierce's family says that they had a shotgun in the house for protection. they purchased it legally and
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had it locked up. the boys found the key. pierce's 14-year-old brother remains in custody. >> we were going to miss michael. michael was blessing to us for 12 years. we don't know how we will make it without him. >> reporter: michael pierce's family adopted him when he was four months old. his mother found him in the family's home on east 130 place last night. the 12-year-old was lying at bottom of the basement stairs with gunshot wounds to his head. pierce was pronounced dead about half hour after he was found. investigators say the evidence suggests this shooting was an accident. no charges have been filed. >> it had to be because they were like twins. they was -- when you saw one, you saw the other. they ran, played back and forth, up and down the block with rollers. whether those roller skates -- just fun kids. >> saw them last week sitting
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on the porch. like i say, known the family 40 years. real nice family. >> community activist andrew holmes visited with the 23578ly briefly this morning. he hopes this case makes parents think twice about having guns in the home. in roseland, judy wang, wgn news. charges are expected today against a man police say went on a carjacking spree and shot a chicago police officer. police arrested the suspect at a bar in chicago heights after spotting a car jacked vehicle nearby. they also recovered two weapons. hours earlier police were called to break up an argument between the suspect and another man on 75 and south shore drive. they were walking back to their car when the suspect shot the officer in his shoulder and vest. the officer is recovering from his injuries. chicago's top cop is taking on the fraternal order of police and their plan to protest on wednesday. the police union urging its members to protest the
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department's manpower shortage and the leadership of superintendent jody weis. in a letter to the "sun-times," weis defends his post and says he does not want the department to go back to business as usual. in the letter, weis says he has asked the union for ideas but it has produced nothing of substance. weis writes perhaps the union leadership is out of touch with their membership as demonstrated by the lack of representation among minorities or women within their top ranks. city inspectors say a porch that collapsed over the weekend in lakeview was not up to current standards. four people were injured when the second floor porch collapsed early sunday morning and at least ten people were standing on the porch when it went down. one person remains in critical condition. city inspectors say the porch in question was several decades old and was not up to code. the building had no prior safety violations and it's not subject to annual inspections under the city's current building code. workers have cleaned up and traced the source of the leak that spilled thousands of
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gallons of oil in the southwest suburbs but some people are worried about the impact the spill may have on the area. wgn's julian crews is live in romeoville now with that part of the story. good afternoon. now that the leak has been sealed and most of the spilled oil has been recovered, the focus now turns to the economic impact. a number of businesses here in this industrial park have had to shut down since the leak was discovered on thursday. and even a local school district has been impacted. >> yes, it's going to be significant personnel costs, gasoline costs and a variety of other things is it. >> 160 school buses can't get to the valleyview public school district which means the drivers stay on the clock in between morning pick ups and afternoon dropoffs. in these tough economic times the district is worried about iniewring -- incurring new
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costs. district community relations chief says they expect enridge energy partners will reimburse for concerninal and gasoline costs. and businesses here are being adversely impacted. the romeoville city manager tells me that so far the oil company has been responsive to the community's concerns. the environmental protection agency says the environment is their major concern, though tests show no signs that the 6100-barrels of spilled oil made it into the des plaines river. the source of the leak has been pinpointed, 1.5 rupture was all it took to cause the sizable spill. investigators will now remove the section of damaged pipeline to determine why it failed. >> there is a plan being put together overnight to go in and cut out about a 12 foot section of the pipeline and repair that portion of the pipeline so line can be brought up eventually and put back in service. restart time frame is up to the pipeline agencies. they are the ones that regulate
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that and are the ones that have to do the investigation. determine the integrity of the pipeline before it would restart. >> reporter: and exactly how long it will take before this area can be re-opened, no one will venture a guess. we don't know if it's days or weeks but the concern here among many in the business community and the local school district as well said this could drag on for a i while and end up being substantial economic drag. in romeoville, julian crews, wgn news. thanks. a woman from the far north suburbs is jailed on $3 million bond in the beating death of a five-year-old boy. yolanda yoans of zion charged with two counts of first-degree murder. she was acting as a care giver for tommy davis iii when she severely beat him over a two day period. >> she told us she snapped. she indicated that her several reasons that she was upset with the boy. she was trying to give him a
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bath and he kicked her. she banged his head on the bathtub. later he wet his pants. that angered her and she banged his head on the floor. she admitted hitting him with a belt several times. this was a extensive case of abuse going on over a period of time. >> police say jones dropped off the boy's dead body at waukegan hospital and then she went into labor and gave birth to her sixth child. all of her children are now with dcfs. s.a.t. scores are down across the board in illinois. when it comes to the essay portion of the test illinois students are tied with three other states for the highest scores in the country. the writing tests for elementary and junior high school students have been canceled in illinois due to budget shortfalls. but the state will still give 11th grade students writing test this year. a spokesperson for the state board of education points out that fewer than 6% of illinois
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students take the s.a.t. bears caught a lucky break late in the their home opener against the lions yesterday. fourth quarter bears down by one. fourth and one and lovey smith decided to go for it. instead of kicking the field goal. matt forte is stopped short. later the bears up by five with 30 seconds left. calvin johnson catches what looks like a touchdown. >> that was a touchdown. the ball hits the ground. it's in his hand. >> referees had a different opinion. it was called off because he did not maintain possession. >> welcome to sports talk television with steve and allison. >> bears win 19-14. here is what some of the fans are saying. >> merry christmas! >> they didn't lose so technically a win. >> just a game from a lions. sorry. >> first game of the season.
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you got to try stuff. well, they say it's better to be lucky than good. we will have more on the lucky win from coach lovie smith and team players coming up in sports. next on the midday news, residents of the northern california town torn apart by a gas line explosion returned home to see what was left and answer investigators questions. >> and battle lines are drawn. what gop leaders are say being support for the obama administration's tax cuts. and later from the hit tv show, project runway, tim gun talks about his new book, fashion and bad behavior by some celebrities. this is it, the final days of our summer sales event and your last chance to save. i'm angie everhart, and i lost 34 pounds on nutrisystem. if you've been thinking of starting nutrisystem, there won't be a better time this year. this is your last chance to get our gourmet select line
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federal investigators asking for the public's help to
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determine if a gas line in a leaking before last week's big explosion. last thursday's explosion and fire destroyed 50 homes and damaged dozens of others. yesterday people were allowed to return and start assessing the damage. homes marked with green tags indicate less damage than otherwise yellow or red tags. electricity is still off for most of the area. some residents had said they reported smelling gas for weeks. firefighters in colorado are still battling one of two destructive wildfires north of denver. fire near loveland has burned 600 acres and destroyed one home. hundreds of people had to evacuate but the fire is spreading at a slower rate than yesterday. now about 35 miles away in boulder residents are heading back to their homes to assess the damage from one of the worst fire in that state's history. that fire destroyed 166 homes. investigators are looking into whether someone's fire pit ignited that blaze.
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the i -- nigerian man accused of blowing up a plane hid in his underwear goes to court today. the judge is expected to saturday trial date. he is accused of trying to blow up a northwest airlines flight on christmas day. abdul faces six charges including attempted use of a weapons of mass destructions. his defense lawyers have talked with prosecutors several times about a plea deal. an attorney for an american woman held in iran says her family is appealing for authorities to drop their demand for a half million dollars bail. sarah shurd and two other americans have been in custody for a year. they were arrested while hiking along the iran/iraq border accused of illegally crossing the border and spying. dimes are issued against all three and iranian prosecutor said she could be released on health grounds after her $500,000 bail was paid. her family says it cannot afford that amount. a plane carrying at least 47 people has crashed in venezuela.
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plane was on its way to the margarita islands at the time. it went down shortly after takeoff. officials say there are 23 survivors. at least 23 others have been taken to the hospital. rescue workers are still on the scene. the cause of the crash is still not known. the trapped miners in chile are now being allowed to light up. to make their situation less stressful, rescuers are sending down two packs of cigarettes a day. sat first the 33 miners were denied cigarettes because of air pollution and health risk. requests for alcohol are still being turned down. i miners are lighting up in another way. they are getting thousands of feet of power cable to install electrical lighting. miners have been dealing with constant darkness for the last five weeks. the state's only school for the deaf and blind faces closure. we will tell you why still ahead. still ahead, what new research says about a link between autism and an ingredient in vaccines. plus a great dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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we are making bavarian ampancakes with the bergoff.
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hot debate, whether to extend tax cuts pp cuts were approved under the bush administration and are set to expire at end of this year. president obama wants to extend the cuts for couples who make less than $250,000 a year and for individuals making less than $200,000. just a little while ago, senate republicans said the cuts must be extended for everyone. they promise to block any effort that would be otherwise. this position is different than that expressed by house mitybainer who said this yes -- yesterday. >> only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions. i will vote for them. but i have been making the point now for monthses that we
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need to extend all the current rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going again. >> the white house says it hopes boehner was serious and middle class should not be used as political football. today is election day in cook county. circuit court judges are casting secret ballots. william maddux challenging incumbent for the top post. maddux nominated evans for chief judge and after evans was elected he appointed maddux to the head of the law division. maddux says evans drive and motivation have tailed off in recent years. evans supporters says he has brought innovative ideas and diversity to the court system. i'm bloomberg's angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. stocks are surging today thanks in part to banks. banks leading charge after regulators gave world bank eight years to come up with enough cash to double its
12:19 pm
capital requirements aimed at preventing a future financial crisis. that eases pressure for banks. the analyst says extending these deadlines will be a relief to banks including banc of america and citigroup. meanwhile, nothing thrifty about the bid price for dollars thrifty in the latest salvo for the car rental company. s her is raising its offer for dollar thrifty to one and a half billion dollars. is it hertz latest effort to drive rival car rental company avis off the deal. rivals have been jockeying for dollar thrifty since the spring. we were looking nor a deal coming your way. the wall street jocial reported that go daddy plans to put it of is up for sale in an auction that may get more than a billion dollars. lastly, when it comes to paying back student loans, more people are getting fs. this according to the u.s. department of education saying
12:20 pm
that student loan defaults rose to 7% in fiscal 2008. that's up from 6.7% from the year before. default rates at for profit schools, biggest contributor to the problem. no problem on wall street today. stocks are rally together highest levels in a month as investors get a boost of confidence in the global economy. reports in china and europe and banks jumping today. live at the cme group in cawg, angie lau, bloomberg news. he offered so much more than fashion advice. coming up next, project runway's tim gun dishes on fashion, life, bad behavior and his new book, gun's golden rule.
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probably best known for his style advice on the hit cable show, project runway. but as tim gun will tell you himself, it's not about the way you look. it's also in the way you present yourself. his book, gun's golden rules, life's little lessons for making it work is an etiquette guide and much, much more and we welcome tim gun to the midday news. i'm thrilled and honored to be here with you. thank you so much. i am -- >> you are sweet. >> i hope my dad is watching right now because he is a huge fan of your. >> lovely. >> loves you. as does our makeup artist joseph hampton. tim gun! tim gun! >> i'm touched. >> i did read your book on fashion. and i'm curious as to what made you decide to open up and talk about your own life instead of
12:24 pm
fashion? >> i have to tell you. i have so many people who are strangers to me that don't feel i'm a stranger to them because i'm really not. i have done it before and they open up about the most personal intimate things. want to share them with me. and generally want feedback or advice. and with frequency in the last couple of years people said, you know, we don't know much about you. so i thought as long as i'm talking about good and bad behavior among those people who surround me, i should be part of this myself. and own up to my own deficiencies and inadequacies and also i wanted to send a message to young people. especially those who are going through adolescence which is a time i would never redo for anything. you can get through this. and i also wanted to say it's not just through sheer will power because in fact i lost the will power. thanks to the nurturing and
12:25 pm
support of people around me, especially my family, and look to people. life is a big collaboration. we don't do this alone. >> no, we don't. rule number one in your book is your trademark. >> make it work. >> make it work. how does that apply to our lives in general? >> well, i found make it work tube youthful refrain for when i was teaching for 29 years. i would say to my students who were struggling because what i taught was project oriented. they would be inclined to throw the entire thing out and start over and i say don't do that. let's look at the here and now. let's offer up a diagnosis for what's going wrong with this ploj ngt and then a prescription for how to make it work. and that allows a young person or any of us to then expand our resources and have more material to draw upon when we have our next conundrum. our next little -- >> you get wisdom.
12:26 pm
>> exactly. you learn something as opposed to thank goodness this thing worked out. you learn. >> tim, you are so put together. including from my viewpoint after all of the right walls up and all of the right layers to protect yourself. but in your book you open up. >> i do open up. >> and open up about being homosexual and everything. why go so personal? >> -- >> you feel like you wanted to? >> no one had a by anet -- by a oin the at pie back. anyone asks would you undo something? would you go back and have an event disappear? no. even something horrible because those events, those occurrences help make us who we are. and i'm the luckiest guy i know. i had so many fantastic opportunities that i'm grateful for.
12:27 pm
>> you have. >> it certainly beyond all that's happened with television and entertainment. even before then the educational opportunities when i was presented with, the opportunity of running the fashion department at parson's. phenomenal. i would pinch myself and still do every day. i'm the luckiest guy. >> while i've got you here, let me ask you, is there a polite way to describe straight women who are crazy about gay men? who surround themselves with them. spend their time with them? is there a nice way. >> a polite way. >> i know the term you avoid ?gz pretty way. >> i see women and i know a lot of them in that category. but women -- >> you looking at one. >> you a sweetheart. women who are comfortable with who they are. and that means they can become comfortable in any company and feel that they are who they are. they are themselves. and they enjoy life. >> and they don't mind getting
12:28 pm
feedback on anything. >> exactly. precisely. only feedback i can give you is most addletory. >> somewhere this is being recorded. thank you. tim gun has a book signing tonight. can you believe it? 7:00p.m., borders on michigan avenue. i hope you there and standing in line. i'm sure they are. >> oh, dear. >> stick around, tom skilling is next with your full forecast. you have to meet tom skilling.
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welcome back. we are in the middle of a spectacular fall day. >> tim gun, tim gun, tim gun!
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>> happy monday. >> happy monday. >> nice to see tim and nice to see you guys. i hope you had a great weekend. >> and we were coordinated. look at that. >> absolutely. and we didn't call each other. >> we do it all the time. >> that's right. >> not true, mr. gun. >> it is a gorgeous day, steve and allison. once again we had a gorgeous 83 yesterday. it was 75 degrees. on saturday. that wasn't bad. it rained a little in the morning and early afternoon and there is the view today. looking toward the south end of the city and out over lake michigan. look at that. not a cloud in the sky. really, just an incredible pattern. there are changes taking place right now and we will explain those in a bit. they involve a big cool air mass that's taking shape in canada. it will drape over the northern tier of states and set up a big jet stream and little impulses like the one here just starting to reflect itself with some showers and thunderstorm develop out in the plains. some of which may grow severe today and will come our way.
12:32 pm
look how absent preparation is -- precipitation is from a good chunk of the united states at this point. that's the change. we will have more moisture in the week ahead. we are getting an inch and a quarter total. forecast on average in the models in the next search days. .8 of an inch of rain this time of year. modestly above normal. 78 at sugar grove at this hour. glenview at 77. freeport at 80 and glen ellyn at 79. and these are all temperatures with comfortable humidities. light northwesterly wind. that's another change that's going to happen. and winds will be predominantly easterly. very lightly tomorrow. but strengthen a bit in the days ahead. winds will come off the lake and that starts cooling things down a little bit this time of year. winds are eight from the northwest at o'hare. no wind at midway airport where it's 77. 78 at munster. 80 at markham at this hour. beautiful view from sauk village. and of course beautiful view from space as well. not a cloud in the sky around
12:33 pm
here. couple of cumulus downstate. these are thunderstorms. they tower over 40,000 feet tall and this is where the moisture is coming back into the center of the country. that significant for reasons we will explain because it will start interacting with the jet stream and producing some thunderstorms and we are expecting a severe weather outbreak today and tonight through the plains states. it will be leftover showers from that little air mass that come in here tomorrow. the best chance of rain this week will be wednesday night and thursday. there you can see the showers and how with time they approach our area and the two day forecast. and here you got cold air taking shape. power house jet stream along the edge of it. and this flow will bring a little impulses that make rain along here a little more frequently than we have seen them of late. when you bring the moisture up into that jet stream you will get showers to develop here and then ride the jet stream eastward into our area and that's what we will see tomorrow afternoon. we will start with sun in the morning. cloud over. get a couple of showers and then this big temperature
12:34 pm
demarcation that's already evident with international falls at 52. and then look at the buildup of cool air up to the north. we look at index called the arctic oscillation index and gives us a reflection how available cold air is. it's at lowest level in months in its forecast for the next couple of weeks. that implies a big cool up of -- buildup of cool air and we will be on the south edge of it. the fact the jet stream so strong will sheer a lot of the coolest air off before it gets in here so we won't have to worry about a deep freeze here and in the north woods and northward it will be many nights of 30s in the next week through the upper mid west. 77 in chicago. 63 at rhinelander and 58 at duluth. already that north/south temperature variance is pretty windy where you marry west winds with the jet stream winds from the west. all that momentum in the same direction leads to gusts at the surface which are showing up in the upper mid west. here in chicago we have a north
12:35 pm
wind at eight. humidity 37%. dew point low at 49. and the water is 67 at the chicago shoreline. this is bad news. we are back in the high territory for mold spores, ragweed and weed pollen. moderate grass pollen at this hour. hay fever sufferers had a rough season are back in the trouble zone here again with these elevated numbers. and sunburn times from dr. brian shuttle our dermatologist 25 and 63 minutes at 1:00 and 4:00. those are the times to the point where you start getting red when -- because of the sunlight if you sit out there without sunscreen. 100% sunny, breezy, warm and comfortable today. high of 80. northwest wind $8 to 18. occasionally gusty. tonight mainly clear. seasonally cool. low 56. northwest winds will come northeast at two to eight miles per hour. tomorrow, clouding over. cooler. wind shift off the lake in the afternoon where there may be
12:36 pm
scattered afternoon showers. high of 73. and then partly sunny and cool with an easterly wind and a high of 74 on wednesday. of course, we have igor, the big hurricane, five miles per hour from top category 5. you know we had ten named storms in the atlantic basin. six is normal up to this point in time. it's been an active season and no -- we don't see igor will be out in the ocean and that's good news. >> all right. excellent. ready for our trivia question. >> i am. yes, indeed. the first oktoberfest evolved from what event? was it a funeral? a wedding or a peace treaty? it's a,b or c. c, a peace treat people the answer still ahead on the wgn midda hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. this intervention brought to you by niaspan.
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wild season opener at soldier field. julian peppers sacked lions quarterback matt stafford. that caused a fumble setting up a field goal. bears down 14-13 in the half. jay cutler connects in a well placed touchdown pass giving them a 19-14 lead. lions came back. orchestrating a final drive capped by what appeared to be a game winning touchdown to calvin johnson. >> that's tough. >> after official review, the pass was ruled incomplete. cutler and lovey smith weighed in on the controversial victory. >> win is a win. we will take it anyway we can get it. i don't think -- that's the only way to score wins and losses. >> i saw exactly the way it did. didn't really think they had to look at the replay. rule says you have to come down and complete the catch all the way through. ball came out at the end. that was cut and dry. bears escape with their first victory of the season. they head to dallas sunday and the cowboys were also victims of a controversial call.
12:40 pm
no time left in the half when this happen p. they fumble and the d'angelo hall recovers for a touchdown. cowboys down 6 with no time left in the game. but they score -- no, not so soon. holding is called. no touchdown. game over. redskins win 13-7 despite not scoring an offensive touchdown. sox finish up their weekend series of the royal's they trailed early after the royals had a six run first. paul konerko was a hero belting two homers with five rbis given andrew jones put out another reach with a grand slam. sox win 12-6. they remain six games out of first after another twins win. cubs shut out the brewers in the first two games in the series but it was the other way casey magee makes it 2-0. and that is how it ended.
12:41 pm
that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. ♪
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i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain. i can't stand the steroids. isn't there anything else we can do? (announcer) if you're on medications and still flaring, your uc may not be under control. take the uc control quiz at and talk to your gastroenterologist about the results and current treatments. some cook county suburbs are trying to line up unusual financing to help them survive the recession. the failing economy has shrunk tax revenues. some towns are struggling to make pay rolls. county property tax bills were mailed out late and state of illinois is six month behind on
12:45 pm
its payments to local community. so some suburban mayors are looking for banks that will issue tax anticipation warrants. once the state pays up, the bank gets their money back. a school for children who are both deaf and blind may have to close its doors at state of illinois doesn't come through with federal funding. wgn's robert jordan is live in glen ellyn with details on what could be a serious situation. example of just how serious this is can be found right here at phillip jay rock center in glen ellyn. state's only educational school for students who are both deaf and blind. and it's on the verge of closing its doors because the state is behind a million dollars in late payments. >> i hesitate to actually say we will close our doors because we have children, some children
12:46 pm
who can't be caredded for in their homes because the children live here. >> it's one of those rare institutions that can't close. the services provided by the phillip jay rock center and school in glen ellyn are so specialized so needed that the deaf-blind students would have no place else to go. >> we have children that can't be cared for in their homes and i don't want to put the families or the child in a situation where they will be at risk or anything like that. we never -- i just didn't know how we would pay staff and eventually you can't pay staff and they stop coming. they need to be able to live and take care of their families also. >> but like so many other social service agencies around the state, money has dried up. and the rock center and school rely 100% on the state funding to pay for the 40 teachers and staff. >> the state has said that they are going to give those funds
12:47 pm
to us eventually. our problem is how do we survive until those funds arrive because we don't have many options in terms of cash. that's our sole source of income. >> state is almost six months behind in sending money to the institution and the line of credit that the school was able to feeing inle -- fiing inle -- faking inle is tapped out. exhausted that now. broke. broke. she has gone to banks to try to secure a loans to keep the center open. but banks know that her only sorls of funding comes from the state and they told her no. so lawmakers in springfield face the option of having students at only school for youngsters who are both deaf and blind lose the roofer over
12:48 pm
their head. in glen ellyn, robert jordan, wgn news. on the medical watch, your child's vaccines will not put them at risk for autism. for years there were concerns that a mercury based preservative found in several vaccines was linked to autism in children. debate among scientists caused a scare that led many parents to shy away from recommended vaccines including the ones against measles and pumps -- mumps. a new study that shows babies that were exposed to the high levels of preservatives did not develop autism than higher rates in other children. report in the journal pediatrics says millions of american children may be exposed to the chemical bpa through dental sealants. researchers say it's detectable in children's saliva for after three hours after work. bpa has been used in plastics and linings of metal cans. it is a toxic chemical but the
12:49 pm
actual amount of exposure is most likely pretty small. and lunch break is next. >> we are cook up a whole bunch of different stuff. >> a oktoberfest recipe? >> with the folks that do it best. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to
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to find out more.
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time for lunch break. time for the bergoff an imrl oktoberfest celebration. and carlin is here to show us a traditional oktoberfest dishes. many things you have. >> we have a lot going on here
12:52 pm
but the whole theme is to reuse, recycle and reinvent like similar items. so we will make a brat pizza. blanket. >> brat in a blanket. >> and have a brat soup broth. >> and brat soup broth. we will use the brat in different ways. start with this great careaway crust that we will use. it's very simple if you don't want to make your own crust, you can buy it. and instead of marinara we were brushing it with mustard so the base of it is mustard. and then you will take some of those great condiments we have -- >> starting here. >> those are beer roasted onions. we will sprinkle the pizza with beer roasted onions. >> getting enough on there? >> oh, sure. >> and then follow that with sauerkraut which is being cooked in beer. >> love sauerkraut. >> and then after that we have the bratwurst and so many
12:53 pm
different bratwurst. veal bratwurst, there is knockwurst. there is like not any kind of wrong type to choose. you will just layer it on like it's your sausage. same thing. as if you are making a sausage pizza but the flavors here are very traditional german. koreaner, caraway, bacon, smoky bacon and the sauerkraut and then finish topping it with a swiss cheese. >> okay. >> grating of swiss cheese. and then you will have your brat pizza which we have in front of us. >> this is the first time a chef has actually made me feel like i contributed. positive way. >> absolutely. >> it's more fun that way. remember what you are doing. now sprinkle it with the cheese. >> heavy? >> i like it heavy. i'm going to eat it i might as well have -- do it right. >> do this. >> that's rights in do the right. >> one of the things we featured oktoberfest is
12:54 pm
bratwurst. classic. you can't have an oktoberfest without it. this year we are once again featuring the mercy home for boys and girls. whether it's great raffle prizes people can buy particulars to help support the cause. and there is a lot of fun entertainment. this is our next item and this is -- got many titles. it will be a german language it was sausage in a nightgon. pigs in a blanket. i mean all sorts of different things. this is reusing again. this is using one of our brats or knockwurst. if you don't want puff pastry dough and cut it into different sizes and we will brush it. i brushed it with mustard and sprinkled it with a little sauerkraut and then i'm going roll it up. and i'm going to bake it. after i brush it with a little egg wash because that egg wash -- you can let the ends hang out or sniff it and cover it. you have to brush it with egg wash in order to have it turn this gorgeous brown which i'm going to show you next.
12:55 pm
and this is great for it cab lunchtime item. it can be dinner. it cab snack. it can also have -- cut it up into pieces like this and then serve it as an hors d'oeuvre with mustard sauce. >> so this one would go off and bake. and then it would comeback and look miraculously beautiful like this. >> is that pretty. >> your final one is the broth. >> the soup. it's like okay, i still have some sausage left. have i some vegetables in my refrigerator. what will i do? i will make a nice broth soup with the vegetables. there is absolutely no waste. if you like, you can have a bite of this. >> sure. >> are you up for a piece of sausage in a brat? >> bergoff oktoberfest. corner of adams and dearborn from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day september 15 through the 17. >> absolutely. >> for more information on the recipes today, check out our web page,
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
before you get to your oktoberfest lunch. >> we have been waiting. >> got the answer to the trivia question. the first oktoberfest evolved from what event? was it a funeral? a wedding? or a peace treaty. the answer is b, a wedding. oktoberfest began in 1810 as the wedding reception of the bavaria's crown prince and has evolved into an annual worlded with evan. >> there is also -- >> something out of a wedding. happy occasion. that's great. i will tell you what's a happy occasion is the start of this gorgeous workweek which picks up on the theme of the beautiful weather we saw yesterday. these are temperatures and these are dew points in the 40s. you have spectacular weather with low humidity, unlimited visibility and basically the north american setup is one
12:59 pm
which cool air is gathering over the north half of the continent and stays hot in the south. we will get a fast west to east jet stream to blow off and carry disturbances in from time to time. note the clouds developing out in the plains states and this two day animation. couple of those will spread on us right there. later today and tomorrow and could be shower at that time. then wednesday is dry. better chance of rain as wednesday night and perhaps the first part of thursday and thrils the system right there that is going to bring us rain. note the disturbed weather in the eastern caribbean but on the right side that's hurricane igor, a monster of a storm. but igor will stay at sea as if so many of the hurricanes this year. that's great news. here is our seven-day forecast. we have an 80 today. and then 70s right on through the remainder of the seven-day forecast. little cool for this time of year but who is complaining. it's gorgeous. and of course we will update at 5:00 and 00

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